Monday, 14 July 2008

Haha, I just discovered I can log into here at work...

I can log in from work, so there might be more updates coming your way now ... :P

Although interestingly, I can't get to Fox and Az's blog, as it is "blocked in accordance with school policy". Probably down to the rude words I'm guessing!!

So, why am I blogging? No real reason...

I'm hungry. And the only thing I have to eat are warm cheese sandwiches :S and nothing to drink. Oh well. That's the problem with having no money!!

Also, I'm trying to work out what I should make my next writing project...

In the works, in various stages, I have My First Alien Invasion Movie (which does exactly what it says on the tin), 37, My As-Yet-Untitled Novel, First Night (A Musical), and various other ideas.

Which should I do next?

Answers on a postcard... or failing that, in the comments section below :P

Saturday, 12 July 2008

My Musings on the Future of Dr Who

After Reading the Review of Journey's End published by Mr Az on, I started to formulate a comment, which became so long and involved i decided i'd post it as an entry instead.

Regarding the Future of Dr Who:

I want to see Tennant go mid-series (when he goes, I am not making predictions on when that will be mark you!). Just for the novelty value, and also to shake up the somewhat predictable nature of the series's so far.

To see What I mean regarding Predictable nature of the series, have a look at these lists:

Series 1:

ROSE - Present Day, Introduction of New Companion, Earth Based
THE END OF THE WORLD - Future Story, Non-Earth Based (Well, sort of. Space Station Orbiting Earth Based)
THE UNQUIET DEAD - Past Story, Famous Historical Person, Earth Based
ALIENS OF LONDON / WORLD WAR THREE - Present Day Two Parter (Aliens Invading Earth), Earth Based (Fairly Obviously, considering what I wrote in the preceeding brackets)
DALEK - Near Future, Reintroduction of Old Enemy, Earth Based
THE LONG GAME - Future, Non-Earth Based
FATHERS DAY - Near Past, Earth Based
THE EMPTY CHILD / THE DOCTOR DANCES - Past, Famous Historical Event, Earth Based
BOOMTOWN - Present Day, Earth Based, Budget Saving Episode!
BAD WOLF / PARTING OF THE WAYS - Present Day AND Future, Earth and Non-Earth Based, Reappearance of the Old Enemy Re-introduced earlier in the series

Series 2: (And yes, for the sake of argument, I am putting Christmas Invasion in as part of the Series.. you will see why)
THE CHRISTMAS INVASION - Present Day, Introduction of New Doctor, Earth Based
NEW EARTH - Future, Non Earth Based
TOOTH AND CLAW - Past, Famous Historical Person, Earth Based
SCHOOL REUNION - Present Day, Earth Based
THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE - Future/Past, Famous Historical Person, Non Earth Based/Earth Based
RISE OF THE CYBERMEN/THE AGE OF STEEL - Present Day Two Parter, Earth Based (Yes I know it's a parallel Earth!), Return of Old Enemy
THE IDIOTS LANTERN - Near Past, Earth Based
THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET / THE SATAN PIT - Future Two Parter, Non Earth Based
LOVE AND MONSTERS - Present Day, Earth Based, Doctor Light Episode (I.e. Doctor does not appear much!)
FEAR HER - Near Future, Earth Based
ARMY OF GHOSTS/DOOMSDAY - Present Day, Earth Based, Reappearance of the Old Enemy re-introduced earlier in the series

THE RUNAWAY BRIDE - Present Day, Earth Based

Series 3:

SMITH AND JONES - Present Day, Earth Based, Introduction of a New Companion
THE SHAKESPEARE CODE - Past, Famous Historical Person, Earth Based
GRIDLOCK - Future, Non Earth Based
DALEKS IN MANHATTEN/EVOLUTION OF THE DALEKS - Past, Earth Based, Reappearance of an Old Enemy
THE LAZARUS EXPERIMENT - Present Day, Earth Based
42 - Future, Non Earth Based
BLINK - Present Day, Earth Based, Doctor Light Episode
UTOPIA - Future, Non-Earth Based, Re-introduction of a Companion, Introduction of a New Old Enemy (Can you have a New Old Enemy? Never Mind...)

VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED - Present Day, Non-Earth Based / Earth Based

Series 4:

PARTNERS IN CRIME - Present Day, Earth Based, Introduction of a New Companion
FIRES OF POMPEII - Past, Famous Historical Event, Earth Based
PLANET OF THE OOD - Future, Non Earth Based
THE SONTARAN STRATAGEM / THE POISON SKY - Present Day, Earth Based, Re-introduction of a Companion, Return of an Old Enemy
THE DOCTORS DAUGHTER - Future, Non Earth Based
THE UNICORN AND THE WASP - Past, Famous Historical Person, Earth Based
MIDNIGHT - Future, Non Earth Based
TURN LEFT - Present Day, Earth Based, Doctor Light Episode
THE STOLEN EARTH / JOURNEY'S END - Present Day, Earth Based (Yes, I know the Earth moves in Space, but still...), Return of an Old Enemy

Having made this somewhat HUGE list, there are some obvious patterns that it would be nice to break when Steven Moffat takes over for Series 5. Firstly, the initial 5 episodes are almost always the same selection, Present Day-Future-Past-Present Day 2 Parter. (Future and Past are easily swoppable). I understand why, because we have had companions where we are expected to care what their families are up to, we need to re-interact with them by episode 4. However, I would like to see everything move around a bit. I always look forward to the second half of the series's more, cos you don't quite know whats coming next, and you get some wonderful standout episodes (Blink, Fathers Day, Boomtown, Midnight). On the flipside however, you also get some rubbish episodes (The Idiots Lantern, Fear Her), which were two of the worst episodes and, even now I don't re-watch them if I'm watching the DVDs.

You'd think i'd have a conclusion to this random series of Dr Who thoughts, but I dont.

Just listen, Steven Moffat, take what worked, and dump what doesn't.

And make it even better.

I'll be waiting :)

(Oh and I know we still have the RTD specials to come, I'm just thinking ahead)

Monday, 7 July 2008

Doctor Who 4.12 & 4.13 - The Stolen Earth and Journey's End

So, what did I think?

I f***ing loved it.

Much much better than last years finale, and, I would say, possibly better than season two's.

What did I like?

Everyone came back!!! Including the one and only K9!!!

On the flipside of that, they managed to give everyone something to do, AND wrap everyones story up nicely. :D

I don't really know what to say. I liked it. Loved Davros, loved the Daleks, loved everything. And since the resolution didnt conclusivly involve the complete destruction of Davros or the Daleks, then we can get them back without hassle :)

And hopefully, now that Rose has a clone Doctor, we wont see her again.

Ah yes, the clone Doctor, how did I feel about that? Well, i thought it was a bit of a rubbish idea,
but as i wrote above, if it writes out Rose for eternity, I'm happy with it. I did think that the Rose "happy ending" was the only reason that the clone Doctor was really created, cos everything else would have been resolveable with TimeLord-Donna without a Clone version of the Dr running around.

Donnas ending. Wasn't that the saddest thing ever. And i mean EVER.

And Bernard Cribbins. That last speech to the Doctor. That was magic. Hope we see him again :)

All in all, was great.

Might watch the repeat on Sunday... Stolen Earth and Journey's End one after the other

Friday, 4 July 2008

Where's the Dr Who Review?

I know what you are all thinking, where is the review for episode 12?

Well, I decided that since The Stolen Earth is so much of a half story that I am going to write a review of both episodes combined after I get to watch Journey's End on Sunday.

Yes, I said Sunday. Due to work issues (i.e. having to be there) I don't get to watch it until Sunday.

So don't anyone dare tell me what happens!