Monday, 30 March 2009

Crappy Day....

I know I should be doing stuff, writing, composing, recording backing tracks...

But my head hurts.

And I feel crappy.

So I wont.

So there. Whos gonna get make me?


More Spoilers!!

Stupid Den of Geek!!

Now I have even more spoilery knowledge of the last Tenth Doctor Specials that I didnt want!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009




Although, I have finished songwriting for the day :) Only one Wonderland song left to write....

Grr my head hurts.

Oh well.

Tomorrow I get to teach year 9s... oh the joy (SARCASM)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Spider-Man for real?

So apparently we have all been fooled, as Spider-Man's secret identity is not Peter Parker, but is instead Somchai Yoosabai, a fireman in Bangkok. For the news story see below:

OK, this is kind of a heartwarming tale, although I do find one thing strange..

It says in the report "But a remark by his mother about his passion for comic superheroes prompted fireman Somchai Yoosabai to rush back to the station, where he kept a Spider-Man costume in his locker."

What the hell was he doing keeping a Spider-Man costume in his locker? Doesn't a fireman have more important things to do than hang onto a dressing up outfit in case he one day needs it to rescue an 8 year old boy? Do any other members of emergency services keep costumes in case of emergency?

I can see it now... a coastguard full of Supermen, able to fly out without helicopters. Paramedics all dress up as Green Lantern, able to use their power rings to temporarily fix medical problems and then fly them to hospital, and a Police force full of Wolverines. Because seriously, who'd mess with Wolverine??

Any other ideas for suitable costumes?

The Temptation of Spoilers

To anyone who doesn't understand what the title of this blog refers to, let me just clarify what I mean by spoiler (those who do understand should skip to the next paragraph)

A Spolier is a leaked piece of information about a future film/tv show/book/any other form of entertainment, which gives you plot/character information before you watch/read the relevant piece of work

I have a love/hate relationship with Spoilers (oh, and welcome back those of you who skipped the opening paragraph), not least because I am impatient! There are two things that I have fallen over information for recently, and one I was glad of, and one I wasn't.

Firstly, new Red Dwarf. If you take a look at, you can end up watching a Behind the Scenes thingy about the new Red Dwarf. Now I'm desperately excited about new Dwarf, and consequentially I watched it, and it just made me even more excited (like a good promotional video should) by showing me tiny snippets, but not anything that gives away any major plot details.

However, the Dr Who specials for this year on the other hand, I already know what the aliens are for the Easter one, and... well not much else actually. But the thing that annoyed me most was a spoiler about the Dr Who Xmas Specials for this year (yes I know, it's only March), which I read about kind of accidentally!

(For those who wish to know, visit Den of Geek, and look for the Doctor Who story from 21st March. I was going to put a link here, but rudely, part of the spoiler is actually contained in the name for the link!)

So why do I read spoilers? Simply put, because I like to know what is going to happen, I can't cope with waiting for information, and the only things I manage to stay un-spoiled about are things that have been off my radar for a while, such as Torchwood Series 3, which I know very little about, and intend to keep it that way.

So what do you think? Are Spoilers good or bad? Is it bizarre that in this day and age we can find out who is in a christmas episode of a long running series in March?

And incidentally, what do we think of how new Red Dwarf looks? :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hey folks, it's been a while

I kept thinking of stuff to blog about this week, and then I never got round to it, so I'm gonna go through random thoughts today

1 - I saw Watchmen on Monday. At an IMAX :) It was amazingly brilliant. I loved the whole thing, even the changes. :)

2 - Is Derren Brown an amazing performer or an irritatingly smug git? Is it possible that he can be both? :P Survey says.. YES!

3 - Crime Traveller is a brilliant staple of 90s Sci-Fi and I can't believe there wasn't more than one series produced!!

5 - I have a headache

6 - I missed out on 4.

8 - I can't count anymore.

11 - It's all going a bit wrong....

231 - I wish i wouldn't keep waking up at 3:30am

32131 - I wish people would say things they mean, rather than pretending to mean things they say

47711143 - My numbering system has all gone to sh!t...

321588823090 - My head hurts.

843183248888432123343 - That's it for now.

Hope you had fun.... see you next time